Getting Started

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Effective Aug 1st 2018

Typical Hourly and Shift Rates from as low as $15*

All rates are based on continuous hours

4+ hours $26.00/hr
2-3 hours $34.00/hr
Up to 1 hour $49.00

12 hour awake shift $265.00 (from $22.00/hour)

12 hour sleeping shift $210.00 (from $17.50/hour)
24 hour sleeping shift from $360.00 (from $15/hour)
Sleeping shift includes 8 hours of sleep with up to 3 interruptions of less than 15 minutes each.

No Minimums

We can also create a Custom Shift for you!

The process starts with a free, no obligation interview.

We meet with you to understand your needs and desires.

We match this information with the experiences and skills of our caregiver network.

* Caregivers reserve the right to negotiate and renegotiate rates at any time.

Save Money

You decide the amount of service needed. We do not have any minimum hourly requirements.

Caregivers can provide services from one hour per day to 24-hour live-in care. Moreover, you simply should never pay medical rates for non-medical services.

Always Available

Our staff is always on call and ready to assist you with finding the right caregiver.

When you call us, you will always speak to a live person – days, nights and weekends.

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